Wanna do some Tunerpro Log analysis!?

Well, you've come to the right place :) Upload your log and we'll do some magic ;)

What does this script actually do?
This script will provide you with a summary of the min & max values found in your Tunerpro & Scannerpro logs. Upload the .adl or .xdl files, as well as your current .bin and tunerpro definitions. Or select from the available definitions.

Upload File

Select a Tunerpro ADL (or Scannerpro XDL) Log file to upload.
This should be an original binary ADL/XDL file, not a CSV export from Tunerpro

Now or select up upload your current bin, if you want a re-generated VE Table.

Or select a bin on our system

Select or upload your XDF File. This is the definition map for your bin

Or select an XDF on our system

Select or upload your ADS file. This is your ALDL datastream definition

Or select an ADS (ALDL data streem) on our system