Wanna do some Freescan Log analysis!?

Well, you've come to the right place :) Upload your log and we'll do some magic ;)

What does this script actually do?
This script will provide you with a summary of the min & max values found in your Freescan log. Be sure to trim any extranious data off the ends that Freescan might have thrown in there, and make sure it's a valid .csv file. The script will also show you a table of your BLM values & spark knock, and if you provide the Volumetric Efficiency table from your chip, it will generate a replacement table that you can import back into GMPCM that should get all your BLM's back to 128 where they should be.

This script is currently in Beta, so please report any problems you happen to (hopefully not) experience.

Upload File

Select a Freescan log file to upload.
Be sure this file is a comma seperated (.csv) file in the proper Freescan datalog format.

Optional: Upload a Volumetric Efficiency table CSV from GMPCM to generate a corrected table.
Or select from one of the pre-defined tables

You can upload your VE table, OR select a pre-defined one from the dropdown